McDonald's Is Selling A Chicken Nugget Body Pillow

If you love Chicken McNuggets, you are defiantly going to want one of these. It appears that McDonald's has teamed up with rapper Travis Scott and created a new three-foot-long Chicken McNugget body pillow. Now fans of the McDonald's classic menu item can snuggle up with a giant nugget.

The incredibly realistic-looking giant nuggets, which cost $90, have sold out and it may take nine to 12 week shipping time if you order one now. However, McDonald's says that they plan on rolling out additional merchandise and plan on replenishing the pillow stock shortly.

The company's US chief marketing officer Morgan Flatley says that they decided to team up with Scott because of his cultural impact, especially when it comes to younger customers. "His ability to kind of see where culture is going and have a hand in where culture is going is really unique." A giant chicken McNugget Pillow is certainly unique. 

Source: LADBible

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