Study: Women Flirt Most Effectively Using This Facial Expression

We’re not always good at reading nonverbal cues to know if someone’s trying to flirt with us, which can lead to some embarrassing and awkward situations. Part of the reason men and women can’t tell if someone’s interested in them romantically? Most people focus on what others are saying, not on their facial or body language for signs and signals. But now researchers from the University of Kansas have identified a specific set of facial cues women use to effectively express their flirtation with a potential partner.

In a series ofstudies, women were asked to do a spontaneous “flirting expression” or to follow instructions for what researchers identify as flirting. Some were more effective than others in communicating their flirtation and some guys were better at recognizing it. But there was a combo of expressions that when used together were identified by most, if not all, men as flirting.

So what is this expression that sends the clear message that a woman is interested? When they turn their head to one side while tilting the chin down slightly, with a slight smile and their eyes looking toward their romantic interest. Study authors say these four cues together are more effective and recognizable than others as flirting, and that could help us avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Source:The University of Kansas