Joanna Gaines’ Favorite Color Combinations for Kitchens

The easiest and least expensive way to update your kitchen is by changing its color scheme. Painting walls and even cabinets or updating a backsplash can make a dated kitchen feel fresh and modern. And when it comes to inspiration, look no further than Joanna Gaines. The design guru recently shared her favorite kitchen color combinations withPure Wowto help you mimic her modern farmhouse style:

White and cream: It’s traditional meets modern -- and with a basic color palette like this, you can update with any splash of color you want. 

Bold blue and white: This classic color combination makes a kitchen pop, but if you choose to go dark with your cabinets Gaines recommends keeping the rest of the room light and bright.

Gray and white: This classic combination is the easiest to achieve because they are both neutrals and it’s hard to find combinations that clash.

Light blue/light green and white: This is a great way to add subtle color to your kitchen while still keeping a classic look.