TikTok Is Teaching People To File Down Uneven Teeth With Nail Files

TikTok is full of DIY beauty hacks for hair dyeing, nail art, and such...but there’s a new trend happening on the site that has dentists concerned. Users are sharing videos of them using nail files to grind down their uneven teeth and it’s not anything we should be trying at home.

Teeth are made up of layers, the outer one is enamel, which is the strongest and most important because it protects our teeth from decay. If you file down the enamel on your teeth, it won’t grow back and you could end up with tooth sensitivity or even kill the tooth. Dentist Dr.Chad Evanswarns, “The moment you remove tooth structure, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re doing irreparable damage and destruction to your teeth.”

Now that the trend is becoming more popular on TikTok, dental professionals on the social network are reacting to the videos and debunking the idea the DIY quick fix is a good idea. Dr.Suhail Mohiuddinurges his viewers to ask why their teeth are uneven in the first place. “Ok, you file them, and they look pretty but you didn't solve the original problem,” he says. “So what are you going to do in a few years when they're uneven again and your teeth are shorter?” And in another video, dental hygienistIman Zayedtells viewers, “Don’t consider doing this, seriously!”