Tips to Help Your Kids Stay Focused During Virtual School

Chances are you’re struggling to keep your kids focused during virtual school -- especially the little ones. According to experts, there are some little things you can do to help them that won’t require babysitting them during an entire day of online classes:

Change your expectations about what paying attention is: Kids, especially little ones, might be listening -- even if they aren’t exactly glued to their Chromebook. Occasionally asking questions like, “Are your listening ears on?” or “Are your eyes on whoever is speaking?” are a lot easier for kids to translate into action then just constantly telling them to pay attention.

Keep your kids moving: A good run around the yard or neighborhood before classes start in the morning or even energizing breaks with exercise and stretching will keep your kids engaged and less fidgety.

Make sure they have a structured area designated for school: Pick a spot and make it their workstation. It should be the same place every day. This will not only give them enough room to work, but it will trigger their brain to go into school mode -- just like if they were walking into their physical classroom. (Daily Motion)

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