Americans Suffering Digital Overload While Working From Home

While working from home can be great it does make a lot of people feel like they can never get a break, especially when it comes to technology.

A new survey finds:

  • 73% of Americans say working from home has caused them to suffer from “digital overload.”
  • Another 74% say they spend the majority of the day looking at a screen.
  • It’s causing over half of respondents to reach for paper and pen during the day. 

Overall, most Americans admit to facing lots of challenges while working from home.

  • 60% admit they are less productive.
  • 66% blame their decrease in productivity on the people they live with
  • 62% say it's because of distractions in and around their workspace.
  • 40% say they don’t have the right tools to get their job done.

One major issue is finding the ideal workspace at home.

  • The average person has actually tried three different at-home spaces before finding the best setup.
  • The top “Wishlist” items for an ideal setup include:
    • Peace and quiet (38%)
    • Reliable Internet connection (38%)
    • High-quality headphones / headset for taking calls (36%)
    • Ergonomic chair (30%)
    • The ability to print as much and as often as I would like (29%) 

Source:SWNS Digital