The Most Cheated On Subjects In College

As much as we’d like to think our kids are doing honest work when they go away to college, let’s face it, many are probably cheating in one way or another. Well, now a new report reveals which subjects are the most likely for them to be cheating in. 

  • A report by EduBirdie finds that English is the top cheated on subject in college.
  • The revelations are based on topics of essays written by external authors for students to turn in as their own during university and college courses.
  • English has been deemed the hardest subject with demands for written essays eclipsing all other topics.
  • Males are the most likely to be cheating, with 57% of essay requests coming from male students.

Top Six Cheated on Subjects In The U.S.

  1. English
  2. History
  3. Psychology
  4. Literature
  5. Sociology
  6. Nursing

Source:Yahoo Finance

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