Ring Announces New Cameras For Your Car...And A Drone For Your Home

The folks at Ring announced new cameras that you'll be able to buy in 2021, including a security drone that will fly around your home. Essentially a mini autonomous drone that patrols your home when you’re away, the Always Home Cam integrates with the Ring Alarm to “automatically fly a set path to see what’s happening.” Since privacy is a big concern with Ring these days, the $250 flying camera cannot be manually controlled and its camera automatically shuts down when docked.

Amazon is also now going into the car security business. The new Ring Car Cam, Car Alarm, and Car Connect can monitor the inside and outside of your vehicle and will provide a safety measure when you're involved in a fender bender or getting pulled over. 

Ring is already known for home security systems and now you can simply say “Alexa, I’m getting pulled over” and the device will confirm its recording and save the video to the cloud. The Ring Car Alarm will retail for $60 and doesn’t require a paid subscription, and the Ring Car Connect uses your built-in cameras to capture videos in case of a wreck or someone tampering with your car.