Woman Discovers Boyfriend Hasn’t Washed His Pillows In 10 Years

While a lot of us may forget that our pillows need washing, just like our sheets and comforters, one guy really forgot and his girlfriend just couldn’t take it anymore.

A woman shared on TikTok that she recently found out her boyfriend hadn’t washed his pillows in 10 YEARS. As you can imagine, she was completely disgusted by it, but after she confronted him he refused to replace the decade old pillows. So she did the only reasonable thing she could do…she cleaned them… and shared the results with her followers on the social media platform.

The woman explained that first she put them in the bathtub with some dishwasher tablets, and then added Borax and some bleach. After soaking she used a mop to wring out the dirt and then finally put them in the washing machine. The results were astonishing, and they actually looked as clean as new, although she noted, "He probably won't notice... but I can sleep better knowing those nasty pillows are clean."

  • Regardless of the final product, the man’s gross pillows resulted in more than a few comments from users.
    • "With that alone, I would replace the boyfriend,” one noted. “Hygiene is everything."
    • Another added, “They are meant to be replaced every two years... They come with expiry dates on them..."

Source:The Mirror

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