Infidelity Dating App Reports Cheating Rates Are Up Again

COVID-19 may have slowed things down for a bit, but people are back to having affairs again, according to new research from Ashley Madison, the dating site for cheaters. They just released their new"Love Beyond Lockdown"report which shows infidelity rates are back to normal, cheaters have just tweaked their excuses and settings during the pandemic. The site surveyed 12-thousand of their users to get the lowdown on cheating in lockdown.

Back in the spring when shelter-in-place orders kicked in, Ashley Madison saw a 10% dip in membership, but it was brief and soon those looking for someone other than their partner to get frisky with found a way. Lockdown made the classic in-person trysts tougher to pull off, but people have just gotten creative to make them happen. Many of them have taken their extra-marital affairs online and 40% blame that extra computer time on their jobs.

For the cheaters who are meeting up face-to-face, some of them have stricter guidelines now, like the 55% who say they plan to limit themselves to just one partner during the pandemic. And 74% of users say they’re planning to keep having in-person affairs in the future. As for the reasons they give for being unfaithful, a lack of private time, not being able to see friends and their spouses not wanting to have sex get the blame. More than half (60%) of users say their S.O. didn’t initiate sex once from mid-March to early September and 76% of users say that lack of sex is why they decided to give up on their “dead bedroom” to find romantic fulfilment with someone else.


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