Wanted: Owner and Pet to Review Pet-Friendly Hotels

Vacations look a whole lot different during a pandemic -- and that includes traveling companions. People want to take their pets on the road with them -- as evidenced by the fact that searches for pet-friendly hotels have increased by 300% in the last few months. Due to the increase in demand for pet-friendly hotels, Hotels.com has launched a campaign on social media to find the perfect furry critics to review their pet friendly lodgings.

The company wants to find three pets and their owners to a be "creature critics." These critics will have access to 10 free stays at pet-friendly hotels, valued at $150 per night. In exchange, the pet and owner duo will review the hotels. The only requirements, according to Hotels.com, are that you and your pet must "have a taste for the hotel life, have bags of personality, and (most importantly) can fit in a hotel room." Yep, that means no horses or other large animals.

To apply, simply upload a photo to Twitter or Instagram with a summary of why you and your pet are the perfect duo for the job -- be sure to tag Hotels.com before posting. You can get all the detailshere. (Insider)