Apparently Chris Watts Has LOTS Of Female Pen Pals In Prison

The documentaryAmerican Murder: The Family Next Doorhas been the most-watched Netflix series since its release one week ago.

The killer, who now is serving five life sentences, has collected a number of pen-pals in prison. Women who regularly write. A prison guard said aboutChris Watts(quote) “He gets a lot of letters from women, who think he’s handsome and feel compassion for him. Chris has nothing better to do, so he writes them back.”

Two years ago, Chris Watts smothered his pregnant wife because she discovered he was having an affair with a young co-worker. He buried his wife’s body in a shallow grave. Then hid the dead bodies of their two little daughters in an industrial tank. He pleaded guilty to their murders to avoid the death penalty.

Three brutal murders with his bare hands and still women have a desire to become close to Chris. He’s received this month, on a daily basis, a handful of letters. The expression compassion for him. There’s an online community that blames the dead wife for being too bossy. (People)