Hinge & Headspace Create Free Guided Meditations

Before heading out on a first date, feeling nerves, butterflies and sweaty palms is a pretty universal experience. And when you add in the year we’re having and the way the pandemic is changing the dating world, it only ups the ante on those pre-date jitters. The folks at Hinge get it and they’re here to help.

The dating app has teamed up with Headspace to createfree guided meditationsto put your mind at ease before the big date. These were specifically designed to help you relax and not feel as anxious when going out with someone. There are several meditations and each one is about eight minutes long, so they’re short enough to give you a quick mental health break as you prepare to meet up with your match.

The first one,Pre-Date Nerves, reminds listeners that it’s totally normal to feel pre-date anxiety. It guides users through a brief full-body scan to help them reconnect with their body and ground themselves in the present moment, instead of focusing on the what-ifs. The second meditation,Your Inner Voice,helps you deal with negative and judgemental thoughts so you can get back to the present moment and that upcoming date. The idea is to clear your mind and calm your nerves so you can be your best self when dating, so it may be worth adding to your pre-date getting ready routine.