Most Women Experience Anxiety While Shopping

While there are some women who love to go shopping, there are others who dread it, and for those people the experience can be really terrifying.

A new poll by True&Co finds:

  • Half of American women say they experience anxiety while shopping.
  • 40% absolutely hate shopping for new clothes.
  • 13% have actually started crying in the changing room because of their shopping struggles.
  • 61% say they struggle to find an item in their size.
  • 20% of women say they’ve felt judged about a purchase.
  • 43% felt so defeated they simply gave up and left the store.

The stress does vary depending on what women are buying.

  • The most stressful item to shop for is a bra, something 55% of women have anxiety about.
  • Other stressful purchases include:
    • Jeans (53%)
    • Swimsuits (52%)
    • Dress pants / slacks (40%)
    • Underwear (39%)
    • Lingerie (38%)
    • Dresses (37%)
    • Shoes (37%)
    • Blouses (36%)
    • Bodysuits (35%)

Source:SWNS Digital