Petco Announces They Will No Longer Sell Shock Collars

Petco has taken a major step to stop what some people consider abuse of animals. The company just announced that they will no longer sell shock collars for dogs, and are hoping others in the industry will do the same. 

The company is pulling both human and bark-activated collars off store shelves with Petco CEORon Coughlinnoting they “have been shown to increase fear, anxiety and stress in dogs.”

“As a health and wellness company, our mission is focused on improving pet lives and we think selling shock collars does the opposite,” Coughlin said. “It’s our responsibility to ensure that we, and others, aren’t putting potentially harmful products in the wrong hands.”

So, what can you do now if you have an unruly pooch? Well the chain plans to push for positive reinforcement training methods, which focuse on rewarding good behavior and not punishing bad behavior. They are even offering introductory online positive reinforcement training classes, and they’re expanding resources to help pet owners. 

Source:Fox News

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