Kindness Is The Value Most Moms Want To Instill In Their Kids

When raising kids most parents hope to pass on the values they learned from their moms and dads, and a new poll reveals which values are most important to parents these days. 

A survey by “Parents” magazine finds:

  • Kindness if the top quality moms hope to instill in their children; the top choice of 73% of parents.
  • Kindness is followed by:
    • Love of family (68%)
    • Intelligence (51%)
    • Strong work ethic (51%)
    • Individuality (31%)
  • Sadly, as important as kindness is to mothers, 76% of moms believe kids today are less kind than past generations.
  • Still, 50% of moms believe their most important task as a parent is to show their child how to be compassionate and kind.
  • 70% of moms say being an example of kindness themselves is the key to raising kind children. 

But moms on the whole seem to have some major concerns about their kids these days.

  • 65% believe kids today aren’t has happy as kids of past generations.
  • Among parents biggest worries for their children:
    • Depression, anxiety or other mental health issues (48%)
    • Gun violence (44%)
    • The effects of climate change (43%)
    • The lack of economic opportunity/difficulty finding work (42%) 

As for moms’ greatest wishes for heir children, they include:

  • Having close family ties (72%)
  • Living a healthy, balanced life/avoiding burnout (72%)
  • Feeling fulfilled by his/her work (60%)
  • Having a family of his/her own (59%)
  • Being an individual/living authentically (51%)


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