“Readers Digest” Picks The Nicest Places In America

Let’s face it, with what’s going on in the world today everybody could use a little more kindness, and if that’s what you’re seeking you may want to head to Michigan.

  • “Readers Digest” has just come out with the results of their Nicest Places in America 2020: United in Kindness search.
  • This year the magazine received a record 1,177 stories of solidarity and hope even in the difficult time we are living in.
  • While they picked the nicest places in each state, Buchanan, Michigan was named the grand honoree.
  • During the current divisive climate and the global pandemic, residents in Buchanan banded to together to support every member of their community.
  • After their Memorial Day parade was canceled they found a way to unite and hang banners honoring their local veterans.
  • They also marched together in support of the George Floyd protests.

Other nicest places recognized include (click herefor the whole list)

Source:Readers Digest

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