Americans Reached Their “Tipping Point” 27 Days Into Lockdown

Most Americans have been stuck at home for months, and it certainly hasn't been easy. In fact, many folks reached a “tipping point,” defined as “the intense need for a break from the routine and the moment at which day-to-day responsibilities become too much and result in the desperate need for a change of scenery,' and a new survey reveals how long it took to get there.

An Expedia survey of 18 to 45-year olds finds:

  • The average American reached their tipping point 27 days after lockdowns began.
  • 24% reached it within the first week of stay at home orders.
  • As for how most people coped:
    • 41% practiced self-care.
    • 28% spent more time outside.
    • 20% planned a big trip in the future.
  • Overall, 80% say reaching their tipping point was the main reason they felt the need to get out of the house.
  • 46% said it prompted them to find a change of scenery.
  • 25% did so in order to get some alone time from their family or roommates.
  • 25% got out to see family or friends in another location.
  • 28% of those who felt cooped up took a road trip or staycation.
  • 20% simply found relief researching or dreaming of a future vacation.

So, when will folks be traveling again?

  • 44% are planning trip between October and December.
  • 27% plan to visit family and friends out of town.
  • 24% are going to a place in the U.S. they’ve never been before.
  • 20% are rescheduling a trip they couldn’t take this year.