Half Of Men Won’t Date a Woman Who Never Pays

We’ve come a long way from the days of men being the only ones who could ask for a date and being expected to always pick up the tab, but now daters are in a gray area when it comes to who pays. But should they be? These days it’s not totally uncommon for men and women to split the check on a date or for a woman to pay, but not everyone is on board.

For some men, it’s a dealbreaker if a woman never pays for a date. According toone study, 44% of guys say they’d stop dating a woman who always makes them pay. But other single fellas seem to have conflicting feelings about who’s shelling out money for the date – with 76% of men in the study revealing they feel guilty when they accept money from women to cover the date.

The research also looks at things from the female’s point of view. While many women are likely to offer to split the check on a date, it turns out, some of them secretly resent doing it. The study finds 39% of women wish men would reject their offers to pay and 44% were bothered when men expect them to contribute to the cost of the date. But it seems things change when a couple has been dating for a while, after about six months together, both partners tend to kick in for dating expenses more, but men still end up paying a bigger portion.

Source:Best Life

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