KFC, Taco Bell, Hardees have Fastest Drive-Thru Times

A market research agency measured ten fast food chains over nearly 1,500 stores and found that KFC gets you through the drive-thru fastest. Taco Bell has the second-fastest drive-thru, followed by Hardee's. As far as order accuracy, Chick-Fil-A came in at number one with McDonald's and Arby's rounding out the top three. Drive-thru order accuracy increased from 84% to 87% over the last year. Inaccurate orders at the drive-thru were found to cost the average restaurant around $94,000 a year! The agency also studied COVID's impact on restaurants and learned 91% of drive-thru employees were wearing a mask while working. However, 88% of drive-thrus didn't have any signs posted regarding COVID safety. Read more here https://www.qsrweb.com/articles/study-kfc-taco-bell-hardees-have-fastest-drive-thru-times/