Teachers Will Spend An Extra 211 Hours To Their Teaching Schedule This Year

While it hasn’t ben easy for children to adapt to remote learning, or a combination of in person and remote classes, it hasn’t exactly ben easy for teachers either, and many are putting in a lot of extra hours this year in order to adapt.

A new survey finds:

  • The average teacher is spending an additional eight hours each week preparing to teach.
  • If teachers keep this up they will be adding an extra 211 hours to their teaching schedule this year.
  • And it’s not just during the school year, with the average teacher spending 88 hours and 43 minutes over the summer to get ready for the new school year.
  • 82% say they’ve spent more time preparing this year than any other year.
  • As for what they’ve been spending those extra hours on
    • 81% are using them to learn and implement new technology.
    • 79% have been adjusting their lesson plans for distance learning.
    • 74% have been watching professional development classes.
    • 74% spent time finding new materials to use in their “classroom."
    • 63% are adjusting lesson plans to include new material.

And some teachers are actually changing up what they are teaching.

  • 85% say they feel it’s important to incorporate lessons about current events.
  • Due to the coronavirus, 96% believe it’s important to educate kids bacteria and how it spreads.
  • 45% plan to teach their kids about the importance of washing their hands.

Source:SWNS Digital