Almost Half Of People Say They'd Live In A "Haunted" House

While people will pay good money to get spooked at haunted houses over Halloween, not many want to actually live in one. But it turns out a bunch of people believe they are living in one and they aren't necessarily jumping to move.

A new survey finds:

  • 13% of people believe they currently live in a hunted home.
  • 54% admit they knew or suspected their house was haunted before they moved in.
  • 55% who think their house is haunted haven’t considered moving.
  • Of course not everyone wants to live in a haunted home.
  • In fact, 62% of those polled say they wouldn’t consider living in a house that was rumored to be haunted. 

Now, what exactly leads homeowners to believe their home is haunted?

  • Well, the biggest indicator is strange noises (44%), followed by:
    • Shadows (38%)
    • Hot and cold spots (37%)
    • The feel of certain rooms (34%)
    • Odd pet behavior (30%)
    • Items moving (29%)
    • The feel of being touched (29%)
    • Levitating objects (17%) 


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