Iconic Roles Almost Played By Other Actors

Harrison Fordis beloved for his role as Han Solo in “Star Wars,” but did you know the part almost went toAl Pacino? Some of the most iconic film roles almost looked a little different than you remember…and we have the list.

  • Nicole Kidman stars opposite Hugh Grantin HBO’s “The Undoing,” but she would have shared the screen with him decades ago if she had her way. The Oscar-winner had her heart set on playing Grant’s love interest Anna Scott in 1999’s “Notting Hill,” as well as 2003’s “Love Actually.” The “Notting Hill” role was, of course, played byJulia Roberts.
  • Clare Daneswould have been drawn like one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s French girls if she had gotten the “Titanic” role that ended up going toKate Winslet. But she has “zero regret” about turning the role down, saying she had just shot “Romeo & Juliet” with Leo and “didn’t have it in [her]” to shoot another drama in Mexico City. ApparentlyGwyneth Paltrowwas up for the role, too – meanwhile, Winslet could have taken Paltrow’s “Shakespeare In Love” role.
  • Russell Crowe almost starred in “Lord Of The Rings.” He was offered the role of Aragorn that went toViggo Mortensen, but he’s not convinced directo rPeter Jackson actually wanted him for the fantasy epic – he was just being asked to be “in everything” at the time.
  • Emilia Clarke is no stranger to stripping down on screen after starring on “Game of Thrones,” but she’s glad she dodged the starring role in “Fifty Shades of Grey” that went to Dakota Johnson. After 10 years of “GoT,” she’s happy to avoid a project cranking out sequels – plus, she doesn’t want to be “pigeonholed for life” in sexy roles.

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