Kroger’s Genius New Tool Helps You Use Ingredients In Your Fridge

Tired of tossing expired yogurt or produce that’s past its time? It happens to all of us, but having to throw away food that you didn’t get around to eating in time is not only frustrating, it adds to the food waste problem. But sometimes even when we diligently grocery shop and plan healthy recipes, we still get stuck with ingredients we need to use, but have no idea what to do with. And when that happens, Kroger is here to help.

The supermarket chain has launched a new tool on Twitter called “Chefbot” to help us cut back on food waste. It’s a little digital chef that hangs out on the social media site, where you can ask it for advice with any ingredients that have you stumped. Chefbot will let you know what you can whip up with your slightly wilted kale - or whatever you have on hand - so it doesn’t end up in the compost.

To use Chefbot, you snap a photo of the food you need to use up and tweet it to@KrogerChefbot, which then confirms it identifies your ingredients correctly. The tool then accesses Kroger’s database of 20-thousand recipes and replies with a link using your ingredients in ways you may not have thought of before. Chefbot is part of Kroger’sZero Hunger | Zero Wasteprogram and it could make figuring out what to cook for dinner a little easier.

Source:Mind Body Green