A Lot Of Americans Are Not Enjoying Working From Home

While many people loved the idea of working from home when the coronavirus outbreak began, now that they’ve been doing it for months they’ve had enough, and a new survey reveals just how bad things have gotten.

A poll of 2,000 Americans working from home finds:

  • 63% that originally felt happy about working from home now say the negatives have now started to outweigh the positives.
  • 57% say their job has become more stressful since they started working from home.
  • Things folks find the most difficult to deal with working from home include:
    • Communicating over too many applications (41%)
    • Significant uptick in digital correspondence (34%)
    • Insufficient IT support (34%)
    • Crossed wires due to different teams not being in the same place (32%)
    • Inability to find information I need to work (27%)

And it’s pretty apparent that folks are working more now that they are home

  • 66% say their workload has increased “significantly.”
  • Half of those polled say they spend an additional five or more hours working each week due to being remote.
  • Things have gotten so bad that 30% have actually considered quitting.
  • Reasons they’ve considered quitting include:
    • Workloads increasing unreasonably in a short period of time (17%)
    • Lack of connection to team draining their motivation (14%)
    • Company’s poor handling of the transition to remote work giving them little confidence in the company’s outlook (14%)

Source:SWNS Digital