Most Americans Planning Some Sort Of Trip Before End Of Year

The coronavirus has basically kept a lot of Americans from traveling, but a new survey reveals that some are cautiously optimistic that may change soon. 

A new AAA survey finds:

  • 67% of Americans are planning some sort of vacation before the end of the year.
  • 20% of those who are haven’t booked that trip yet, and plan to wait til they are within a week of traveling.
  • 80% of those planning to travel will be taking a road trip, with most likely going to destinations known for outdoor recreation and socially distanced fun.
  • Among the top road trip destinations:
  1. Denver, CO
  2. Las Vegas, NV
  3. Los Angeles, CA
  4. San Diego, CA
  5. Seattle, WA
  6. Keystone, SD
  7. Portland, OR
  8. Phoenix, AZ
  9. Colorado Springs, CO
  10. Myrtle Beach, SC

Meanwhile,a survey conductedby the Travel Leaders Group and World Travel and Tourism council suggests folks are waiting until 2021 for vacations.

According to that poll

  • 70% of U.S. and Canadian travelers are holding off until 2021 for their next vacation.
  • 45% of those people have already booked their trip, while 54% are thinking about it.
  • Top destinations for 2021 include:
  • Europe (38%)
  • The Caribbean (34%)
  • Mexico (15%)