Teachers & Social Media Influencing Student’s Political Views

While kids may not be able to vote in this year’s election, they are still learning a lot about the political process and what’s going with this year's election, but where they get their information is another story.

According to a new Study.com survey of students grade seven to 12:

  • 33% of students say they’ve gotten most of their information about the election from their teachers.
  • 20% have learned about the election from social media.
  • 18% say their family has taught them about the election process. 

When it comes to social media

  • 30% of those in grades seven to 12 say Instagram has influenced their political point of view the most, followed by:
    • TikTok (25%)
    • Facebook (16%)
    • YouTube (15%)
  • For those in college, who will be able to vote this year, 33% say Facebook has the most influence on their political point of view, followed by
    • Instagram (25%)
    • Twitter (17%)
    • YouTube (12%)
  • 60% of teachers and 80% of parents say Facebook has had the most influence on their political point of view. 

As for what's going on in the classroom…

  • 44% of teachers believe schools aren’t doing enough to prepare students to vote.
  • 77% of students grade seven to 12 say the same.
  • 45% of teachers believe it is the parents’ responsibility to teach their children how to vote.