The Most Popular Halloween Candy in Each State

Job hunting site Zippia used Google Trends to get a pretty good look into each U.S. state's candy bowl and found that Starburst is the most popular Halloween candy in six states!  Several southern states like Texas, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama purchase more Starbursts than any other candy at Halloween. Iowa and North Dakota do, too. If you take a look at Zippia's candy map you'll see that most western states prefer chocolate candies. California's most popular Halloween treat is the Crunch Bar and Washington state picks Kit-Kat. Delish did the math and found that half of all U.S.-states prefer chocolate candies at Halloween with the other half choosing non-chocolate treats like Blow Pops and Skittles... and you know how Florida is considered the "craziest" state in the union? It seems more than coincidental then that Florida's favorite spooky time treat is Airheads candy. Read more here