Women Give Tours Of Boyfriends’ Messy Homes In New TikTok Trend

If you’ve ever spent the night at the home of the guy you’re dating, you may have noticed it wasn’t exactly what you’d call clean. Straight men aren’t known for their cleaning habits and you may have had to step over fast food wrappers or found yourself without any toilet paper at his place. And now some ladies who are fed up with their boyfriend’s messy apartments are taking to TikTok to air their grievances.

This new trend of revealing their S.O.’s homes on the social media site started with TikTok userMadelyn Kruger’svideoearlier this month. It shows her waving goodbye to her perfectly made bed and heading to her boyfriend’s place while “It’s a Hard-Knock Life” plays in the background. His apartment is littered with food and trash, but even worse? His bathroom, which looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since before the pandemic.

Since that video, other women have been making their own to show their boyfriend’s living conditions aren’t any better. A user named Kat Tolchshowsher man’s filthy kitchen and nasty hair on the bathroom sink and another userposted a videoof her boyfriend’s disgusting kitchen and his bathroom counter littered with used paper towels. And if you’ve ever been to a young guy’s apartment, you know these tours are pretty much what they all look like.

Source:In The Know