Teen Raises Money To Help A Hospital In India That Runs On Donations

A teenager in Forsyth County, Georgia, has turned her passion for making jewelry into a charity effort that helps a hospital in India.

A few years ago, Dhriti Pentela visited India and volunteered at a hospital that runs entirely off donations.

She was so amazed by what she saw that she wanted make an impact after returning back home to Georgia.

So, she created a charity organization called Empathy Designs, which allows her to create and sell jewelry -- and then send the profits to that hospital.

Her website, EmpathyDesigns.org, is now her online store and it features earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

The effort has been such a big success that she now donates to multiple organizations, both overseas and in her community.

Dhriti says it “feels amazing” to do something she loves -- that also makes a difference in communities all around the world.

You Can Read The Story and See Pics HERE

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