Majority Of Americans Don’t Wash Facemask After Every Use

For most of the country, facemasks are something they’re wearing daily, which is important to keep them and others safe from the coronavirus. Unfortunately, while they may be diligent in wearing their masks, many aren’t nearly as careful when it comes to washing them. 

A new survey finds:

  • 49% of American prefer to wear reusable cloth facemasks, as opposed to disposable ones.
  • The CDC recommends folks wash their masks after each use
  • But 79% of Americans admit they don’t wash their masks after each wear.
  • What’s worse, 43% say they only wash their reusable mask weekly.
  • And 8% admit to never washing their reusable mask.

And it’s not just reusable mask wearers whose behavior is suspect.

  • The poll notes that of those who wear single-use disposable masks, 68% say they re-use them on multiple occasions.

And while masks are meant to help folks feel safer, it’s not easing the fears of everyone.

  • In fact, regardless of mask wearing, many Americans still plan to avoid public places until the pandemic is under control.
  • 48% of Americans say that going to a movie is out of the question until things are under control.
  • In addition:
    • 47% won’t attend concerts
    • 32% will avoid church or other places of worship
    • 31% will avoid restaurants