Hot Chocolate Bombs Are Trending, Here's What You Need To Make Them!

The internet has a new favorite dessert, and it’s perfect for the upcoming holidays. Hot chocolate bombs have taken over TikTok. The hashtag #hotchocolatebombs has more than 13.9 million views. Not only are chocolate bombs a fun, interactive way to enjoy the chocolate-y beverage, but they’re also surprisingly easy to make. Hot chocolate bombs are cute lil balls of chocolate that you put into a mug. When you pour hot milk into the mug, the chocolate melts and magically releases the marshmallows and cocoa hiding inside. The biggest thing you need is the rounded silicone molds to make the "bomb." They're selling out fast thanks to this new cool viral trend. Check for Freshware Store Silicone Molds (4-pack), $11.99 on Read more here