The 5:1 Ratio Is The Key To A Lasting Relationship

It’s been a tough year and if you’re married or in a relationship, chances are you’ve gotten on each other’s nerves a little more than usual. That’s why the 5:1 ratio could help. The 5:1 ratio, which was developed by therapist and relationship expert Dr. John M. Gottman, is pretty simple: For every one negative interaction you have with your partner, you need to have five positive ones. 

Why five positives for one negative? Because studies have shown that negative experiences stick with us more – so we have to have more positives to negate that bad experience.

“It is important to remember the 5:1 ratio because it will help you and your partner stay together,” says relationship expert Michelle Devani. “If you know how to overcome negative interactions with positive interactions, you will have a happy, healthy and lasting relationship.” (Fatherly)