HALLOWEEN: Scaled-Down Trick-or-Treating

Halloween, like every other celebration on the calendar over the past eight months, will be greatly scaled down due to the pandemic. But costumes and candy are hard things to give up on Halloween, so most kids across the country will still be out trick-or-treating -- even if it's in a scaled-down form.

According to a new poll, 75% of parents say COVID restrictions will not keep them from allowing their kids to trick-or-treat this year. That said, they are taking precautions -- like visiting fewer houses and only going to homes of people they know. 

On average, parents say they expect to let their kids trick-or-treat at five houses. And although the number of trick-or-treaters may be down this year, 83% of people say they still intend to buy candy -- but will stick to the candy they like in case they're stuck with it.