Study: The Most Attractive Qualities To Potential Partners

Finding the ideal partner may feel incredibly complicated, but according to research, most daters go for the same things. A study done more than 30 years ago found three specific qualities that are most attractive to potential partners and now a newstudyfrom the University of Texas at Austin confirms these traits have stood the test of time. The research includes 14-thousand people from 45 different countries and their preferences for most desirable qualities in a possible mate and these are the top three.

  • Kindness- Surprised that “smokin’ hotness” isn’t number one on the list? According to the study, women reported preferences for kinder ideal mates than men. It’s refreshing to find kindness coming in on top and other studies have also found this trait to come out ahead of appearance, explaining that kindness “creates a halo effect” which makes someone seem more physically attractive overall.
  • Intelligence- The research shows women also prefer their partners to be smart. We tend to think of intelligence and education together and they’re both associated with increased income, better health, higher levels of job and family stability, as well as a greater ability to build up wealth. Not only do these qualities make a potential partner more appealing, they’re probably make for more interesting dinner conversations, too.
  • Health- People who maintain visibly good health are also considered some of the most attractive and it makes sense. The study shows women want a healthy partner to enjoy life with and to pass those healthy genes on to future generations.

Source:Best Life