Kids Will Ask For A Pet This Many Times Before They Turn 18

There’s no question pets can be adorable, loving and probably the best friend a person will ever have, which is why it’s understandable why kids would want one. And as a new survey points out, in many families kidsreallywant them, and ask for them a lot.

According to a new poll:

  • The average kid will beg their parents for a pet 1,584 times before thy turn 18.
  • On average they’ll ask 11 times per month starting at age six.
  • 74% of parents with school-aged children say their kid has asked for a pet.
  • And all that begging does work, with two-thirds of parents giving in.
  • On average, they break down and get a pet after three years of their kid asking for one.
  • Not surprisingly, most want a dog, with 78% begging for a pooch.
  • Dogs are followed by:
    • Cat
    • Fish
    • Bird
    • Rabbit

And parents better expect more begging in the coming months, with requsts usually increasing around the holidays.

  • 62% of children asking for a pet will ask seven more times per month during the holiday season.
  • It must work because a third of parents are planning to get their kids a pet over the holidays.
  • And there’s a good reason a lot of parents give in.
  • 46% of parents say they received a pet as a holiday present.
  • 89% of those parents say it was the best gift they’ve ever gotten. 

Source:SWNS Digital