Study: Snuggling With Your Partner Can Help You Sleep

Want to get a better night’s sleep? You may want to get a little closer to your partner in bed. According to a recentstudy, cuddling, snuggling or spooning with your sweetie can actually help you sleep longer and more deeply.

The research focused on 12 young couples whose sleeping patterns were tracked in a lab using instruments that could measure how deep their sleep cycles were. The couples who shared a bed were more likely to move around during the course of the night, but they were also able to get more high-quality sleep. Participants who were snoozing close to their S.O. got 10% more rapid eye movement “dream state” sleep than they did on the nights they slept alone.

So how does cuddling up help couples sleep better? Researchers concluded they were able to synchronize their sleep patterns when sleeping together. And that extra sleep they get can also help improve social interactions and decrease emotional stress caused by being groggy. “One could say that while your body is a bit unrulier when sleeping with somebody, your brain is not," explains study co-authorDr. Henning Johannes Drews.“Sleeping with a partner might actually give you an extra boost regarding your mental health, your memory, and creative problem-solving skills."

Source:Best Life

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