What Times Do Fast Food Restaurants Serve Breakfast?

Breakfast hours at fast food chains can be really confusing because each restaurant has its own rules and COVID-19 has made things even more complicated.ScrapHerohas done some digging to help you navigate some major chains and their breakfast hours. As usual, you probably need to double check with your local chain in case they don’t follow the general guidelines.

  • McDonald’s– most locations have full breakfast available beginning at 5am and stop serving breakfast at 10:30am. Some locations are still serving breakfast all day.
  • Starbucks– Breakfast items available from opening (usually 5am) to about 11am.
  • Dunkin’– serving breakfast as soon as they open and continue all day at most locations
  • Burger King– this chain opens a little later than McDonald’s and has breakfast available until 11am at most locations
  • Chick-fil-A– breakfast served from 6am until 10:30am at most locations
  • Sonic– most locations have breakfast available all day
  • Panera Bread– most locations have breakfast available all day
  • Taco Bell– starts serving breakfast at 7am and available all day at most locations
  • Whataburger– begins serving breakfast at opening but concludes at 11am
  • Jack In The Box– breakfast all day, every day!

These guidelines should give you a head start on planning the first fast food meal of your day!

Source:Guilty Eats

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