Study Says Grandma & Grandpa Don’t Want To Be Called That Anymore

What do your kids call their grandparents? Grandma and Grandpa used to be the go-tos, but the times are a changin’. While most love having grandchildren, today’s active grandparents don’t seem to be as into the old school terms that they associate with rocking chairs, blue hair rinse and dentures. They’re still embracing their grandparent status, but many are choosing to go by alternate names these days.

“Many baby boomers have a hard time reconciling their vibrant, vital and active selves with the traditional names — they don’t fit their self-image,” explains psychologist Dr.Ellen J. Klausner. Of course, there are still plenty who prefer the classics: Grandma, Grammy, Nana, Papa, PopPop and such, but we’re also getting lots of spins on those and unique names families come up with.

Sometimes the grandparents end up sticking with what their grandchild says when struggling to pronounce their name, like “Pip” instead of “Pop” or “Gaga” rather than “Grandma.” Other grandparents like to select their own creative nickname and want something younger sounding, like “Gigi” or “Mimi” or “Boo.” And some modify their own name, like a Bonnie being “Bon Bon” or Lisa going by “LeeLee.” But it really doesn’t matter what they’re called, as long as they’re around for their grandkids to love on.

Source:Good Housekeeping

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