Arguing Over Where To Order Food Is A Big Issue For Couples

Deciding what to have for dinner is never easy, and apparently for couples it’s causing some major arguments between couples.

A new survey finds:

  • Over the course of a year, the average couple will argue 156 times about where to order dinner.
  • The average couple will argue about three times a week over where to eat.
  • It also takes 17 minutes of discussion to come up with a dinner plan, although 16% say it can take 30 minutes or more.
  • Meals are such a sticking point that 40% of people say that “food compatibility” is a deal-breaker in a relationship. 
  • While where to order from is one of the most difficult parts about ordering dinner with a partner (37%), it isn’t the only one. Others include:
    • What to order from the menu (35%)
    • Who is going to pick it up (32%)
    • How much food to get (30%)
    • Will we share (12%)

The poll, by Panera Bread, also finds

  • The average person will ask the question “what do you want for dinner?” six times a week.
  • More than half of people dread hearing that question.
  • And there are definitely some major arguments going on when it comes to ordering food, with most couples not on the same page.
  • 59% of people admit they don’t like eating at some of their partner’s favorite places.
  • 37% say they don’t like what’s on the menu of their partner’s favorite spot.
  • 25% say their partner’s place is either too spicy or not healthy
  • 56% say they have at least one spot that is their compromise if they can’t agree on where to eat. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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