Study: Parents Are Less Strict With Rules During Pandemic

If your kids have been staying up later and getting more screen time since COVID hit, you’re not alone. A new survey of 2-thousand American parents of school-aged kids finds that many families are relaxing some of their house rules during the pandemic, but they’re also adding in some new rules as well. And 75% of them say they’ve been less strict with things since everyone is home more often.

Topping the list for rules parents have been letting their kids break:

  • No eating in front of the TV - 37%
  • No staying up past bedtime - 27%
  • Not leaving wet towels or dirty clothes on the floor - 27%
  • And not using your phone at the dinner table - 23%

But it’s not all fun and games. Families are also adopting new hygiene standards everyone is expected to stick to:

  • Wash your hands as soon as you walk in the door - 59%
  • Shower when you get home from highly-populated places - 48%
  • And wipe down packages before opening them - 43%

With family members home all the time, it’s not surprising that 74% of those polled report that their house has never been dirtier. For those with pets, those four-legged babies may be contributing to the mess because 81% of pet parents say their “fur child” has been treated more like a kid more during the pandemic.

  • 47% report giving their dogs and cats more treats
  • 30% have been letting their pet on the couch or in bed
  • And 28% say they’ve been letting their pets play more and get dirtier outside.


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