Wife’s TikTok Of Hubby’s Toenails Ripping Sheets Goes Viral

Everyone has things their partner does that drive them crazy and one woman has taken to TikTok to share hers. The wife’ssix-second videoreveals her husband’s gross habit of not trimming his toenails and what happens as a result. It shows her pulling back their bed sheets and showing the fitted sheet torn to shreds at the foot of the bed, like a wild animal had attacked it.

In the brief footage, the frustrated wife only says, “Anyone else have this problem where you have to keep buying new bed sheets because your husband won’t clip his toenails?” The video has gotten more than a million views and thousands of comments, mostly from users who are revolted by his lack of personal grooming. Some commenters even suggest his long toenails are grounds for divorce, but one had a more practical solution: “Don’t file for divorce, file those nails down.”

The wife then shared afollow-up videowhere she shows her spouse snuggling with a cat to show he’s human because comments suggested he must be everything fromFreddy Kruegerto a werewolf. And then she shows his talons, and they really don’t look as scary as expected, considering the damage they do. She’s since posted yet another video about them, this time defending him and responding to comments, then asking “Ummm, can we be done with the toenails now?”


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