Utah Inmate On A Work Release Runs Alongside A Marathoner For 22 Miles

Last month, Carrie Kelley was running the Beaver Canyon Marathon in Utah. Even though she was an experienced runner, having completed 68 marathons, Carrie was having physical problems. She was dealing with pain from a pinched nerve -- and just four miles into the 26.2-mile race., she wanted to quit.

Then, an amazing thing happened.

She saw a sheriff’s vehicle with flashing lights and a clean-up crew of inmates from the Utah Department of Corrections on a work release.

The crew saw her struggling -- and one of the inmates, Fidel Ybarra, decided to step up and help. Fidel just started running.

To be clear… He wasn’t making a run for it. He wasn’t trying to escape his work detail. Instead, he ran by Carrie’s side, encouraging her and refusing to let her finish the marathon alone.

Fidel and Carrie ran together -- followed closely by a sheriff’s officer in a truck -- for the last 22 miles.

Fidel admits that he didn’t know if he’d be able to finish, but he also didn’t want to let Carrie down.

They ended up crossing the finish line and embracing with a big hug.

At that point, Carrie was done for the day, but Fidel wasn’t. He went back to his crew and finished working.

Carrie appreciated the effort and the support, for sure, and remains in contact with Fidel to this day.

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