The Home Edit Ladies Explain Their Rainbow Method

Have you seen “Get Organized with The Home Edit” on Netflix yet? The binge-worthy series shows off the organizing style of the women behind The Home Edit,CleaandJoanna. In addition to their hit TV show, these friends and business partners are also authors of a #1 “New York Times” bestseller where they talk about their four steps of organizing - edit, categorize, contain and maintain. But they’re really known for their colorful way to organize, which they call “The Rainbow Method.”

Fans of the show have watched as Clea and Joanna have sorted through the homes of celebs includingReese WitherspoonandEva Longoriaand used the color pattern to put everything in its place. They use ROYGBIV - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet - order to sort items and they swear by it. The ladies say, “This is partially a design decision because things in rainbow order are pleasing to the eye, but even more importantly, it creates a visual flow that naturally clicks with the brain.”

Clea and Joanna say the rainbow method isn’t just “user-friendly,” it also helps our brains feel more relaxed. “Our brains innately recognize this pattern, making it a natural scheme for making sense of where we put things,” they explain. “Plus it’s prettier than other methods, so people are more likely to maintain it.” But you don’t have to hire The Home Edit to overhaul your home and clear the clutter, just use their tips to DIY:

  • Step 1: Group the items- Start by separating things into categories, like breaking art supplies down into markers, crayons, etc.
  • Step 2: Arrange the categories in a rainbow- Sort those categories into rainbow color order. But where do colors like pink, brown, and white go? The ladies say they start with red/pink shades and end with brown, grey, black and white.