Woman Tries To Score A Free Chicken Sandwich With No Luck

A Georgia woman really had a cow when cops slapped the cuffs on her for trying to scam Chick-Fil-A workers out of free food -- by claiming she was an FBI agent.

Kimberly Ragsdale strolled into an Atlanta area location of the chicken joint and demanded she be treated to lunch on the house because she was in law enforcement. A cashier grew suspicious and refused to serve the 47-year-old, who started screaming, then stormed off to sit in her van outside.

Since Ragsdale wouldn't leave the scene, an employee called 9-1-1 to summon cops, who arrived and demanded to see identification. Ragsdale replied that she couldn't do that, because her only ID was "electronic." When she grew belligerent, an officer cuffed her -- at which point she began to talk into her shirt like she was talking into a radio, asking for backup to be sent to Rockmart PD."

She was charged with impersonating a federal officer.

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