Study Says Most Kids Want A Real Christmas Tree

While we haven’t even gotten to Thanksgiving yet, before you know it you’ll be hauling out the Christmas decorations and putting them on the tree. And if you ask kids, that tree better be a real one.

A new survey of five to 10-year-olds by the Christmas Tree Promotion Board finds:

  • 66% prefer a “real” Christmas tree.
  • Only 34% say they’d rather have an artificial one.
  • As for what Santa prefers, 96% of kids say Santa goes for a real Christmas tree.

As for how long that Christmas tree should be up, kids have varying views.

  • 47% say the tree should be up “for as long as they want”
  • 29% say it should be up "from the day after Thanksgiving to New Year's Day."
  • 5% think it should be up "just Christmas Eve and Day only."
  • A surprising 17% keep it up all year.
  • While 2% had original answers like "After Mardi Gras," and "Until Grandma's birthday” (whenever that is).

And there’s no doubt that kidslovehaving real Christmas tree. In fact, many would be willing to make sacrifices just to have one.

  • 73% would be willing to clean their room for a Christmas tree.
  • 58% would help out in the kitchen.
  • 50% of kids would be nice to their brother or sister for an entire week.
  • 25% would give up video games for a week
  • Only 19% would be willing to give up one month of their allowance for a tree.
  • But 4% wouldn’t be willing to do any of these things for a real tree. 
  • ONE MORE THING!While it takes seven to 10 years to grow a real Christmas tree, when kids were asked how long it takes their answers were pretty funny. A third said “sixteen to seventeen weeks,” although other answers included “50 minutes,” “three hundred days,” “forever and longer,” “a million days” and “a million years.” Another added, “a very, very long time unless it's in the North Pole. It's magic there.” 


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