Americans Suffering From Video Call Fatigue

These days most workers spend a good part of their workday conducting business via video conferencing, and it sure sounds like a lot of them have had enough.

A new Robert Half survey finds:

  • 76% of workers participate in virtual meetings, with those people spending 30% of their workdays virtually connecting with colleagues and contacts.
  • 38% of those workers say they’ve experienced video call fatigue since the pandemic began.
  • More women then men are tired of video conferencing (47% vs. 32%)
  • After eight months of video conferencing, 26% say the practicality and novelty has worn off.
  • Almost a quarter describe virtual meetings as inefficient and exhausting, and admit they’d prefer to stay connected in other ways like email or phone.
  • As for the biggest video call pet peeves, they include:
    • Technical issues (28%)
    • People talking over each other (19%)

Source:Robert Half

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