Holiday Travel Will Be Greatly Reduced This Year

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, and while that usually means a lot of travel craziness, that doesn’t seem to be the case this year for obvious reasons.

A new report by the AAA finds:

  • There will be a lot less travelers on the roads and at airports over Thanksgiving.
  • The AAA originally expected about 50 million people would be traveling this year, a drop from 55 million last year, but now they believe those numbers will be even less.
  • For those who do travel, most will go by car.
  • About 47.8 million people are expected to hit the road on Thanksgiving, which is about 95% of all holiday travelers.
  • That number is a decrease of 4.3% over last year.
  • Most of those who do travel by car, are expected to drive shorter distances, and reduce the number of days they are away.
  • Because of all the drivers, there will still be holiday traffic, with delays expected to increase 30% above normal pandemic congestion.
  • Only about 2.4 million people will fly to their destination this year, a 50% decrease from last year.
  • About 353,000 people will travel by busses, trains and cruises, a decline of 76%. 


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