Most Americans Say They Won’t See Their Loved Ones On Thanksgiving

While a lot of people look forward to the holidays because it’s their chance to get to see extended family, for a lot of people that won’t be happening this year, which is putting a damper on the season. 

A new survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Omaha Steaks, finds:

  • 60% of Americans say they likely won’t see their loved ones at all over the holiday season.
  • 41% plan to skip their usual extended family holiday gatherings.
  • The main reason is an obvious one, with 86% saying keeping their family safe and healthy is their main priority this season.
  • For 57% of people, it will be the first time they’ve missed a family gathering.
  • While folks would like to stay connected, the idea of doing it over the computer isn’t appealing to many.
  • Only a third are planning a Thanksgiving video call, and a quarter haven’t made any plans yet.

But there are some folks who see a benefit of not having their usual holiday gathering.

  • 59% of people think it will allow them to be more creative with their Thanksgiving meal.
  • 50% will still have a turkey on Thanksgiving, but some are looking forward to other options. They include:
    • Pork/Ham (33%)
    • Chicken (33%)
    • Prime Rib (32%)
    • Roast (32%)
    • Steak (26%)
    • Fish or seafood (25%)
    • Vegetarian option (13%) 

Source:SWNS Digital

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