Pfizer Will Apply For Vaccine Approval Tomorrow

Unlike their previous announcement, Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech say a final analysis of their coronavirus vaccine shows it’s actually 95% effective. An earlier evaluation reported the vaccine to be more than 90% effective. On that not, Pfizer will seek emergency use authorization from the FDA tomorrow.

Once they have the go-ahead, Pfizer and BioNTech expect to produce as many as 50-million doses of the vaccine this year and up to one-point-three billion doses in 2021.

Who’ll get it first? That’s what the CDCwill decide when officials meet for five hours on Monday. Not surprisingly, on member says there's no doubt healthcare heroes will be at the head of the line. After that, it's about listing the order of essential workers and rating high-risk groups. Experts say widespread distribution though likely won't happen until spring. To that point, Pfizer says they’re alreadycommunicating with Joe Biden’s transition team.

  • Where do we stand with COVID-19?According to the latest numbers from Johns Hopkins, the United States has confirmed just over 11-point-five-million diagnosed cases across the United States since the beginning – with just over 250-thousand have succumbed to the illness. In good news?More than four-point-three million people have recovered.Something else to consider? Ourper capita fatality rate, which still has us in 12thplace worldwide.

Source:US News & World Report

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